Animal Behavior & ConservationReimbursement Guidelines

To submit a reimbursement request to Hunter College Foundation (HCF), please read through the following and submit all documents relevant to your request to

All documents must be in PDF and no larger than 3 MB.

  • Hunter College Foundation Database
  • Before making a reimbursement request, ensure you are added to HCF’s payee database by providing:

    • Your current address
    • The last 4 digits of your SSN

    *This step is unnecessary if you have received a reimbursement check from HCF in the past.

  • Receipts
    • Submit scanned original itemized/detailed receipts for all expenses, formatted to A4 (8.5” x11”)
    • If there are more than three receipts, include a note or spreadsheet describing each expense and its corresponding amount
    • For receipts displaying purchases in foreign currency, provide a spreadsheet with conversions and screenshots from Oanda, showing the exchange rate on the expense date
  • Supporting Documents
  • Include supporting documentation, such as an award letter, event brochure, or schedule showing the date of the event.