Animal Behavior & ConservationFaculty

Christopher B. Braun, PhDProfessor, Hunter College

Laboratory of Comparative Sensory Performance

Research interests:
Sensory systems in animals, neural substrates of vibration and sound detection, sensory variation, ecology, evolution

ABC Faculty Member Chris Braun

Sarah Byosiere, PhDAssistant Professor, Hunter College
Director of the Thinking Dog Center

Thinking Dog Center

Research interests:
Behavior and cognition of domestic dogs, canids, and other companion animals

ABC Faculty Member Sarah Byosiere

Sheila Chase, PhDProfessor Emeritus, Hunter College

ABC Faculty Member Sheila Chase

Peter Moller, PhDProfessor Emeritus, Hunter College

Research interests:
Multisensory integration, electrolocation and electrocommunication in electric fish, behavioral physiology, behavioral endocrinology

ABC Faculty Member Peter Moller

Joshua Plotnik, PhDAssistant Professor, Hunter College

Comparative Cognition for Conservation Lab

Research interests:
Convergent Cognitive Evolution, Comparative Cognition, Elephant Behavior and Cognition, Applications of Animal Behavior and Cognition Research to Conservation in Practice

ABC Faculty Member Joshua Plotnik

Thomas Preuss, PhDProfessor, Hunter College

The Preuss Lab

Research interests:
Neuroethology of escape behavior, neural decision making, neural plasticity, sensorimotor integration of biologically relevant visual and auditory inputs

ABC Faculty Member Thomas Preuss

Diana Reiss, PhDProfessor, Hunter College
Director, ABC Program

m2c2– Marine Mammal Communication and Cognition

Research interests:
Comparative cognition, animal behavior and communication, marine mammal cognition

ABC Faculty Member Diana Reiss

Ofer Tchernichovski, PhDProfessor, Hunter College

Laboratory of Social Learning & Cultural Evolution

Research interests:
Mechanisms of vocal learning

ABC Faculty Member Ofer Tchernichovski

Animal Behavior & ConservationAdjunct Faculty

Liv Van De Graaff, PhDAdjunct Professor, Hunter College

Institute for Compassionate Conservation

Research interests:
Conservation behavior and animal welfare. The well-being of free-living wild animals and the role individual, wild animals have in the health of their social groups and populations. The cognitive and emotional lives of farm animal species.

ABC Faculty Member Liv Van De Graaff

Joseph Barber, PhDAdjunct Professor, Hunter College

Research interests:
Applied animal welfare, evaluation and documentation of techniques of animal care

ABC Affiliated Faculty Member Joseph Barber

Sonia Ragir, PhDAdjunct Professor, Hunter College
Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology, College of Staten Island

Research interests:
Biological anthropology, developmental psychology, cognitive science

ABC Affiliated Faculty Member Sonia Ragir

Donald E Moore, PhDAdjunct Professor, Hunter College
Senior Scientist, Smithsonian National Zoological Park

Assessment and evaluation of Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plans, sustainability and conservation efforts in zoos and in the wild

ABC Affiliated Faculty Member Donald E Moore

Stephen Zawistowski, PhDAdjunct Professor, Hunter College

Research interests:
Education, animal behavior in shelters, and animal welfare

ABC Affiliated Faculty Member Steve Zawistowski

Animal Behavior & ConservationAffiliated Faculty

Andrea Baden, PhDAssociate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Hunter College

Primate Molecular Ecology Laboratory

Research interests:
Primate molecular ecology, life history, population genetics, conservation

ABC Faculty Member Andrea Baden

John Fraser, PhDPresident and CEO, New Knowledge Organization Ltd.

Research interests:
How worldviews impact learning attitudes, motivations, and the ability to develop new knowledge in free-choice settings

ABC Affiliated Faculty Member John Fraser

Jessica Rothman, PhDProfessor, Department of Anthropology, Hunter College

Wildlife Ecology & Nutrition Project

Research interests:
How primates meet their nutritional needs through interactions with their environment and how sociality, movement, and disease intersect with nutritional ecology

ABC Affiliated Faculty Member Jessica Rothman

Dina Lipkind, PhDAssistant Professor, Department of Biology, York College

Research interests:
Animal behavior, vocal learning, neuroethology

ABC Affiliated Faculty Member Dina Lipkind

Irene Pepperberg, PhDResearch Associate

Research interests:
Animal cognition and comparative psychology, with an emphasis on avian behavior

ABC Affiliated Faculty Member Irene Pepperberg

Karen PryorResearch Associate
Behavioral Biologist, Founder of Karen Pryor Academy

Expertise and research interests:
Positive reinforcement-based training in animals and humans with a current emphasis on medical students